April 4, 2022


APRIL 4, 2022
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Program:Justin Pearson

My name is Justin Pearson. I am a 26 year old artist, born in South Lyon, Michigan, USA, but currently and have been living in Greeley, CO, USA for the past two years. I went to Ferris State University for Product Design Engineering where I found my true passion for making things. I like to think of myself as a born-to-be entrepreneur. I have always found that working with my hands has brought me joy.

Although wood is my current medium, I came from a metal background. I went to school for Product Design Engineering which involved created a finished product from a simple napkin drawing. Processes included 3D Modeling, CAD/CAM Programming, CNC Machining, and then the final marketing steps in order to release such products to the consumer level. Very fun, but can be LONNGG!!

After school, I found myself drifting further away from wanting to be in the corporate workforce so I started working with wood I'd find in the Platte River near my current residence. After picking up more and more wood, I found myself with an abundance of this Cottonwood bark. I started making more and more functional pieces that are sustainable and actually helped reduce the amount of waste in the local river systems! So I decided to make the jump and carve wood full-time.


So, today I spend most of my time wood hunting and creating eco-friendy products that range from art supplies, kitchen products, all the way to large scale finish dining tables. My mission is to reduce, reuse, and repurpose the amount of plastic waste there is in the NoCo river systems. To stay up to date with what I'm doing on a regular basis, follow me on Instagram @Boyo_Design